Remote Online Escape Rooms

Our new partnership provides you with access to high-quality remote online escape rooms that you can play from the comfort of your own home! If you’re not ready to come to play in-person at Challenges Mt. Pleasant, we have eight different online rooms to choose from providing you with a variety of options; all different from our current Mt. Pleasant adventures.

Based in Europe, you have the opportunity to experience adventures from across the globe without ever leaving your couch.

How does it work?

For a flat fee, invite your friends and family to login from wherever they are, to join you for an exciting 60 minutes. Our remote online escape games use Zoom to interact with a live game master on site who will act as your eyes and ears during the game. They will follow your instructions to walk around the room, and with the help of a webcam, you will see exactly what they see. Find clues, figure out the connections, and solve the puzzles. You will need a strong team who will join the game online as well to work together as a team to face the challenges of the escape room. Get ready for the unexpected and experience of this fun adventure!

Booking Online Escape Rooms

Booking your remote online game is handled through a different site.

NOTE: Challenges Mt. Pleasant gift certificates and discount codes are not valid here.

Interested in a team-building exercise that lets you participate from anywhere in the world?


Then we have the perfect answer. Able to accommodate up to 150 players, our remote team building escape rooms offer a unique experience over the course of a 60-minute game. Contact us for details and pricing! All of our exercises can be customized to satisfy the needs and wants of any team or corporation that's playing. With a set time limit, each team will have to work together and share resources in order to reach their common goal. It's exciting. It's fun. And most of all, it'll bring out the qualities that every workplace team should be sharing on a daily basis.

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